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Our Services

Packaging Pre-Press

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Prominent part of Pre-press industry

Solution Capability Across

Leading Indian content solutions provider offering end-to-end services across the content value chain.

• Pre-press packaging

• Print & Imaging

• Publishing



Design Consultancy Services

Concept to Artwork to

Print Product

• Product Development (Structural Designing and Prototyping)

• Artwork Services (Designing, Modification & Adaptation)

• Repro Services (Flexo, Gravure and Offset)

• Color Management

• Proofing (Digital and Mechanical Color Managed Proofs)

• Technical Consultancy


Artwork processing (Reprotronics)

& Color Separation

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Our highly qualified production team with diversified print and packaging experience transforms the designs into vibrant printable artworks. Any artwork that needs to be printed has to be processed and color separated properly prior to printing by considering the printing techniques, substrate and the technology, such as Flexo, Gravure, Litho Offset, etc.

We use leading package prepress software for artwork editing and processing.

Print-ready-files are prepared by ensuring accurate print quality result when printed. Our expert production team who has extensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in prepress and print production processes is capable of taking care of specific printing requirement for Flexo, Gravure & Offset. It makes a lot more sense, as it saves a lot of time and cost, if the final print-ready-files are prepared correctly before they are delivered to different converters.

Artworks for processing along with instructions, references for text, design, shade, etc. can be sent to us through FTP or DAMS.Artwork received for processing is pre-flighted first and then processed based on the various printing techniques and methods. Color separation is done by taking care of various print production requirements such as image re-touching, color correction, color separation, color/channel mapping, screen ruling, dot angle, dot shape, TAC, overprint, knockout, minimum line/text thickness (straight and reverse), Barcodes, minimum printable dots, safe zone, no varnish zone, bleed and trapping and do proper QC and upload final print-ready-files.

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Advantage UPMS

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