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About us


The genesis of Unique Premedia Solutions is with a specific objective of providing quality and value added solutions in Packaging needs of various industry segments. Creativity and Respect for Human Values stand as our core values.


Ever since the inception in 2016, Unique Premedia Solutions has been growing in terms of the size of the company but the biggest achievement has been the ever growing list of esteemed customers. Our product quality is appreciated by one and all and we have set new benchmarks in terms of service quality manned with a team of highly trained professionals from Packaging Industries, Unique Premedia Solutions is today the most trusted partner to all our customers. Our staff and workers are continually trained to suit to the changing demands of the customers. Change is the only Constant in today’s business world and we are fully geared up for meeting any critical demands from our customers.


To cater to the demanding needs of the customers, we do realize the need to have a right balance of Man, Machine and Materials and we continuously thrive to achieve this objective. At Unique Premedia Solutions, managing customer relationship is as equal to as managing supplier relationships.

Driven by Customer Delight through Creativity

We are deeply committed to finding the best and creative solutions for each of our customers. We seek to perform as their partner, and to develop and maintain enduring relationships with each of our customers. We endeavor to go beyond customer satisfaction to ensure customer delight.

Emphasis on Quality

We seek to add value to our customers. We strive to provide innovative solutions that deliver quality. We aim to develop exchange of knowledge and domain

expertise throughout the organization, creating a bank of expertise that clients have immediate access to.

Fair Business Practices

We believe in being transparent, fair and accountable. At Unique premedia Solutions, we say what we do and do what we say. We embrace our core values of honesty,

trust, integrity, respect, freedom, team spirit and openness. Fostering mutual respect with the communities in which we operate, as well as with our customers, our

partners and our colleagues, is important to us. We have a strong code of ethics that serve as a bedrock for all business practices and transactions.


On-time Delivery

Timelines are as important as Lifelines for us. Delivering on time as per schedule is a critical component to the success of our business. We plan each assignment

and map it out with all possible scenarios, before we agree to a timeline.


Building Customer Trust through our commitment to Human Values

Our business practice involves access to confidential information and valuable data, which is an asset bank for our clients. Being able to maintain the integrity of this data is integral to working in our area of business. Through a thorough compliance to security norms and procedures, we have been able to deliver jobs

without any compromise of data we are entrusted with. This along with the whole-hearted support given to each client has resulted in clients preferring to work with us and unhesitatingly recommending us for increasingly critical and higher value projects.

Is it the product that really matters? Or is it the packaging which communicates with the customers? This is a never ending argument. But the truth is product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than you might think. A product’s packaging communicates many things, from what the product can do for your customers to your company’s values. It is a crucial marketing and communication tool for you business.

There are thousands of products on the market vying for your customers’ attention. According to a study, one-third of a consumer’s decision making is based solely on product packaging. Take a moment to think about some of your favorite brands. They all have one thing in common: they are memorable. 
To succeed, your brand packaging has to stand out and look different from your competitors and same time you have to deal with challenges like Govt. Regularity approvals also. Pulling off these things would be a tricky task for any brand owner. 

At Unique Pre-media Solutions we draw on a combination of decades working with big name brands and retailers, plus strong commercial and market insight, to continually innovate, helping our clients achieve their goals. We know how to make your brand memorable and have solutions for your pain points and a range which will cater all your pre-press requirements by taking the complete ownership of the brand. 
Next time when you work with us always remember that we work with a firm belief that Packaging is not just packaging.

      Sudhakar M  

(Managing Director & CEO) 

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